[100% OFF] Forecasting Using Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

Forecasting Using Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

Sales Forecasting Methodology

What you'll learn

The concept of forecasting and how to do sales forecasting using different quantitative and qualitative methods


Excel basics


Forecasting is the process of making predictions or best estimates for something in the future based on some data and experiences. A common use is in sales forecasting to predict the sales of an entity at specific future data times. Used techniques differ according to the owned or accessible data and on the goal of forecasting.

This process is essential to be understood and applied correctly in any business and it is one of the critical activities in any business plan. If you are a general manager, a sales or marketing professional, a business or research analyst, or an enthusiastic student who wants to learn about forecasting techniques, this course would be helpful to you to understand effective forecasting methods.

You would learn in this course:

- Overview of forecasting definition and classifications.

- Quantitative Forecasting with 5 different methods and how to apply them.

- Qualitative Forecasting with 4 different methods and how to use them.

- The differences among all techniques, and the pros and cons of each one.

- How to implement the main techniques using Excel and how to merge between more than one technique.

The course demonstrates the theoretical concepts to understand each type of forecasting along with plenty of examples and exercises, and a case study for practical implementation of what you learn. You will find quizzes during the course to verify your understanding and you will also be provided with all excel files, templates, and solutions that are presented in the course.

Hope you would benefit from this course and always happy to hear from you!

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In this course, you will learn how to build and hone the skills to create that mindset of someone who has the sole purpose of attacking a system and/or network. Following the initial skill development, you will learn the process and methodology of professional penetration testing.

You will learn the techniques to penetrate devices, servers, and clients. Each day you will be presented a scope of work and have a number of targets to engage and attempt to “own.” The targets will be progressive in nature with the size of the attack surface being reduced as your skill sets increase.

By the time you leave the course, you will have performed a number of simulated professional penetration testing engagements as well as drafted a preliminary report of findings. The processes and techniques you will be exposed to have been used to train a number of global penetration testing teams. The system is proven and effective and can be put into place at once.

Who this course is for:

  • Sales Managers and Sales People
  • General Managers
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Data & Business Analysts
  • Anyone who is curious about forecasting techniques

Course content

Forecasting Using Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

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